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In need of a website design for your business or social activity?

We now offer our customers over 15 years of experience in website development, online marketing, and S.E.O. practices. Making sure your website will be readable, friendly, intuitive, easy to use, and compatible with our good friend GOOGLE among other search engines (Yahoo, Bing...)

Social distancing is forcing businesses and entities to try new ways to stand a chance in this new economy. Being online gives you that edge you need to succeed in this new upcoming world.

Website for Restaurants

Restaurants stopped printing large durable menus in many cities/countries and started providing customers with an online menu and 1-time use printed menus flyer in the recycled paper (we also offer this printing service - click here to visit product)

Website Design Order Process

  • Website Quantity: Right now we only allow 1 website project per order. If you need a set of websites created altogether, please contact us first.
  • Website Design Preview: We will create a sample image representing how the website will look after it has been developed and published online. You may want additional design samples with different layouts, there is an option for up to 3 design preview builds per order.
  • Domain Name: We include a 1-year domain name registration with the ".COM" terminal. If you already own a domain, we could discuss using yours, instead (This will subtract -$9 out of the order total). There are free domains online as well. 
  • Hosting: We could host your entire site on our secure shared server included in the price for 1 year. If you wish to provide us with your hosting, you are welcome to do so as well.
  • Website Type: Every market and business may have different needs and budgets for their online appearance. This is why we have added 6 different options so you can select the one that best suits you. For now we are limited to offer just 6 different types of sites to maintain developers speed and deliver times in good standing.
  • QR Code: This is often used by companies nowadays as an alternative way to get people to visit your website. Very popular in the restaurant world specifically for online menus.
  • Turnaround / Speed: We build and publish websites really fast! (usually within a week), but, if you are in a rush, we can accelerate the process for an additional fee.

E-Commerce Website Design

For e-commerce websites, we implement payment collection for your website via PAYPAL,, or both. Merchant information should be provided by the customer.


* After the order and payment is submitted, logo, images, pictures, and text should be provided to us via this form: Click Here


Price Calculator

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