Design Services (Free & Paid)

FREE design setup available (click here)

- 1 to 2 days turnaround
- Original & Unique Design
- Spell-Check for all text
- 3 Full set of corrections ($9 each additional)

Price List For Custom Design:

Price List:
(1 or 2 sided)



$37.50 = Business cards
$75.00 = Postcards
$75.00 = Flyers & Copies
$75.00 = EDDM® Flyers
$221.25 = Brochures
$75.25 = Vinyl Banners
$37.50 = Letterhead
$37.50 = Envelopes
$75.00 = Car Door Magnets





Interested in our FREE DESIGN SETUP service? 

* Free design setup for orders are available on a case by case basis, a $100 deposit is required to ensure customer interest. If the customer decides not to order with us for any given reason, after full proof of the design has been delivered as agreed by the customer, the deposit is taken as a form of payment for the design job. Please make sure that your order exceeds minimum required (Exclude shipping costs and taxes to the total amount) to avoid delays. Thank you!

  • $100 Minimun printing amount for Cheap Business Cards Free Design Setup.

(More Products Coming Soon)

General Instructions To Order A Graphic Design Service

Please upload all text, images, logos and any other sort of information needed for the design. Please make sure you spell check the text and that the images comply with our minimum 150dpi (300dpi recommended) resolution to avoid delays.

* If you need to upload additional files or specific information about the design, please send them to after the FREE DESIGN SETUP order has been placed. Remember to include the order number.

What to expect from our Free Design Setup deal?

If you are in need of a quick graphic design setup for a simple print out or a low budget project, this might be the right choice for you. Sometimes you just need the promotional text arranged in a “pretty” way to make it stand out as a flyer or sign.  With our Free Graphic Design Setup this is possible at no additional cost.

Free Graphic Design Setup Process

  • After you placed your printing order, next step you will then order the Free Design Setup order as well. During this process you will provide us your logo, images and text needed to complete your design project.
  • Once we confirm receival of text, logo and images... then we will proceed to select one of 10,000+ pre-designed templates available in our database ready for image and text replacement. A topic related design template will be select by our designers to match your industry type of business or services.
  • After the template has been filled in with your data by our design team, we will prepare a proof file and email it to you for approval. This whole process up to the proofing can take up to 4 business days for the Free design service.
  • If everything looks correct, approve the design and we will start printing process from there. If you need changes to the design, we will include 1 full set of changes completely free of charge (Every additional set of changes will cost $25). Before requesting additional changes, make sure you read and look closely to every aspect of the design.

For the Free Design Setup, Do We Inspect the Content Provided by Customer?

We briefly check for image quality and regular text mistakes. But we don’t guarantee proof reading or image quality check as this is a very quick design setup that can’t delay our designers for much time.

When you double check images, logos or any art, please don't just trust the image size, but also look further for image quality. Look at this example below, same size image but different quality.


What if the customer doesn’t like the design after its already done?
We ask our customers to be flexible on this, as we can not dedicate a lot of resources into creating a new complex design for each customer, instead, we just pick pre-design templates for faster and cheaper service.

Anyway, after we have completed the design, 1 full set of changes is available for the customer to allow any modification to customer needs (Every additional set of changes will cost $25).

If the customer decides to cancel the order after the design has been completed, a refund subtraction of $25 fee will be applied to the cancelation of the order.


Price Calculator

Printing Price: : $ 50.00 $ 37.50