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Printable Cheap Bookmark Borders

Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Designing Printable Cheap Bookmark Borders

If you get your own printable cheap bookmark borders, it can serve as a great marketing tool for your business. This is a simple tool which the customers will be able to use over and over even after several years. Whenever, they use the bookmark, they will think of you and your company. Thus, it will keep the brand at the top of their mind.

Printable cheap bookmark borders are often neglected as a marketing tool. This is an efficacious way to attract more customers towards the business. Moreover, even the existing customers can come back for more. If you are planning on designing your own bookmark, here are some tips that you need to follow.

Printable Cheap Bookmark Borders
Printable Cheap Bookmark Borders

Choose an Eye Catching Design

You can take a look at the antique bookmarks you will find out that most of them are work of art. Make sure that you set your design standard high enough. This way you will be able to impress the potential, as well as existing customers. If this seems too much for you, you can take the help of a graphic designer or cheap printing company to help you out.

Size and Layout is Important

The size of the printable cheap bookmark borders will help you to decide the layout. As a matter of fact, the card’s layout can dictate its size. There are no strict rules which will govern the bookmark layout. However, you need to have enough space do that it will accommodate the design. Make sure that you go for a size will provide your enough space to display the design.

Use Bold Colors

Of the bookmark design tips, this is the most important one. The color that you choose is quite critical for promoting your brand. If you are able to right color, it will attract more customers to the business. This will help to garner profit.

Craft a Proper Message

You might have few important words that you want to share with your customers. This will help you to make a lasting impression on them. You have to consider using unique messages and appropriate quotes on the printable affordable bookmark borders. This will make you capture the audience’s attention and consider your business. You shouldn’t forget to include the phone number or the website.

Use a Bookmark Template

If you do not have much time and money, you can take the help of a printable low cost bookmark template. For this, you can do an online research. You will be surprised to find out the wide range of templates that are available. However, the size and the layout options will be limited. Hence, you need to stick to the usual dimensions.

Print on Both the Sides

When you plan on cheap printing a bookmark, you need to make sure that you are using the space properly. In case you have a lot of information, if you put some of them on the back portion, the graphic will have maximum impact.

Look around for new ideas. Keep in mind that you can find ideas all around. However, you need to make sure the bookmarks that you are cheap printing are text within the safety lines. Do not put the text too close to the trim line. If you do so then it might be cut off during cheap printing and cutting. Moreover, make sure that the border is placed properly. The image that you are using for the bookmark should be of a high resolution. If you choose poor quality images, it will reflect poorly on the business. Also, do not forget to choose a good printing company for your printable cheap bookmark borders.