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Cheap Yard Sign Mockup | Yard Sign Printing

Effective Measures to Nail the Cheap Yard Sign Mockup Campaign

The use of cheap yard sign mockup is not restricted to political campaign. For one thing, the presence of cloud technologies has made “printing on the go” much easier.Businesses can use to increase their sales. Printing yard sign is much cheaper than the other forms of advertising. However, you need to keep in more effective on a local scale. This is the most cost effective way to get your message out. If you are able to place it properly then the yard sign can reach out to a large customer base. Below are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your yard signs.

Cheap Yard Sign Mockup
Cheap Yard Sign Mockup

Sign Placement

Cheap yard sign mockup is small. As a matter of fact, people might this out if you do not position it properly. If you have to make sure that the sign is efficacious, make sure that you place it in high traffic areas. Thus, you should place the yard sign in the roadways or in an intersection. As a matter of fact, you can also place it somewhere the vehicles stop. If you place the yard sign on highway where the speed limit is more than 40 km/hr., the potential customers will miss the message.


Affordable yard sign mockup is like a mini billboard. This should grab the audience’s attention. Moreover, you should use as less words as you can. If you include excessive words, people can miss the message. In fact, some people only take a glance at the yard sign. Hence, you need to make the message clear, concise, and to the point.

Too Pretty

Mostly designers try to make the cheap yard sign mockup too appealing. Thus, this turns out to be like a magazine ad. They forget the purpose of the yard sign. You should not go for small or any fancy fonts. This is because the readers will find it difficult to read the message. Also, you need to choose the color wisely. Make sure that you select colors that are relevant to your company logo or brand. Use complimentary colors which don’t blend together. There should be large fonts with crisp edges. Moreover, it should have solid colors that will make it stand out.

More Exposure

You should know that low cost yard sign mockup has two sides. Thus, you need to use it to full extent. This means that you should print on both the sides of the yard sign. thereby, when you place it on the roadway, people will be able to view the message from both the sides.


Keep in mind that the best advertisements are the one which you print over and over again. This applies to cheap yard signs, too. This way you can be sure that person reading the message gets the drift in the second message if he didn’t in the first. Election candidates are quite well-known for this. Repeated advertisement will also make sure that the customers remember you and your business.

The Psychology of Yard Signs

Inexpensive yard sign mockup is a great way to establish name recognition in your locality. Irrespective of whether it a business promotion or an election campaign, it is a good idea to invest in yard sign. Here are few things that you need to consider before cheap printing a yard sign.

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the material that is suitable for your lawn. It is better to use corrugated plastic. This is because a light material. Another great material for yard sign is vinyl. This is a versatile fabric and works pretty well with yard signs.
  • You also need to pay attention to the color of the yard sign. It is important that you customers notice the yard sign. Hence, print them in bold and vivid colors. Make sure that you avoid bad color combination. They are unreadable and go unnoticed. In fact, if your lawn doesn’t get noticed, it will not bring any customers.
  • It is important that you consider the lawn sign before cheap printing. You need to get big yard sign. However, make sure that the text on the yard sign is also big. Generally, the letters are one inch tall. If you don’t follow these, potential customers will not be able to read your message.
  • The content of your yard sign is important. Make sure that you include a strong call to action in the cheap yard sign mockup. In case you are getting your word out, you have to place a headshot on the lawn sign. You should also include the web address and the social media profile address. The slogan on the yard sign should be simple and precise.

Bottom Line

The cheap printing company that you choose to print the yard sign should provide good quality materials. This way you can be sure that the yard sign will be durable.