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Cheap Postcard Announcements | Cheapest Postcards

Discover the Easy Way to Use Cheap Postcard Announcements

Cheap postcard announcements are a great way to spread word about a particular event among a large group of people. For businesses, these materials are excellent when used as marketing tools. However, people will also find them effective in many scenarios. With inexpensive postcard announcements, you let people know about the event without needing to spend a lot. The same is true for your binding options.

Cheap Postcard Announcements
Cheap Postcard Announcements

The fact is that the postcards are only as effective as the way they are used. Here are some ideas that you can implement. They can help you run a successful campaign.


EDDM® is Every Door Direct Mail for short. It allows you to send postcards to all the residences within a specific locality. The EDDM® rates are low. It is a sensible decision for small businesses to reach out to their target audience. For EDDM, the cheap postcard announcements must be of a standard size. Otherwise, the postal service charges extra for the delivery.

Distribute Cheap Printed Goods by Hand

Instead of sending via the mail, distribute the affordable postcard announcements by hand. In this method, an employee distributes the postcards by hand at various suitable locations. For example, a crowded mall will be an excellent choice if frequented by customers. Busy roads are another good location. By using hand distribution and mailing programs together, you maximize the chances of generating good results.

Mail for Personal Announcements

Postcards are a unique way of informing your friends, relatives and others about an event. With affordable postcard announcements, it is easier to let people know about events. This includes weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Their affordability extends to the expense of sending them. After all, it requires little money to post them.

Apart from the deliverability, these cheap postcards have another advantage. They are unique. People rarely expect to get postcards from their acquaintances these days. As a result, any postcard you send is certain to be noticed by the recipient. They will pay more attention to it. They are more likely to attend the event as well, making it a tremendous success.

Point of Sale Distribution

Another excellent method of dispersing postcard announcements easily is by keeping it at the point of sale. For example, you can keep a stack of cheap postcard announcements at the checkout counter. An interested customer will take the postcard while paying for the goods he or she bought. You can instruct the clerks managing the point of sale to encourage the shoppers to take the postcards with them. This increases the spread of your message. In turn, it leads to more people attending the event.

Where to Use Affordable Postcard Announcements?

There are several situations that call for the use of cost-effective postcard announcements. Sales are the biggest reason for their use. Use them for company events as well. If your company is taking part in an exhibition, let your customers know about it with postcard announcements. There are other similar events where they can be used such as fairs. Use them for promoting events that you are sponsoring such as concerts. For personal use, the applications are varied, from birthdays to Sunday picnics.

Designing Postcard Announcements

To get the most out of a cost-effective postcard announcement, a proper design is vital. It has to be good enough to impress any viewer. At the same time, it should enhance the usability of the postcard. This gives more reasons for the reader to go ahead and visit the event.

The Details

Make sure that all essentials are in the postcard such as the time and location of the event. Add a map if required to help the readers find their way. These details should be clearly legible and understandable. If there is a dress code, mention it.

The ID

Some events have limited entries. In that case, the postcard announcement must feature a unique code. Ask the printing company to include the codes when printing the postcard announcements.

The Call to Action

Give a reason to the readers to come and visit your event. For business, mention the discounts if it is a sale. For other events, mention the best thing about the occasion, such as celebrity appearances. Free food, Wi-Fi and special previews are some of the other reasons that you can list.

The Graphics

Use the right selection of graphics. Make them relevant to the message being spread. A postcard announcing sports matches can use bright colors. Restaurants and other eateries can use warm colors for a better effect. The images should be similarly relevant. For example, the sports announcement can use sporty images like balls or trophies. A clothing sale can use images of tops and tees. Finally, place the graphics in the right places for an impressive effect.

Last Words

You can easily print postcard announcements online. Be that as it may, ensure that the announcements are properly printed and are impressive. This way, more people are likely to visit your event. Proofread the entire design before finalizing the order. You do not want any mistakes on something this important.