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Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing

Significance of Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing Today

Cheap double sided postcard printing ensures that they are informative. Double sided postcards ensure the balance of entertainment and information. It makes sure the postcards are not getting loaded or boring with just words. Furthermore, double sided postcards have high readability.

  • After all, they tend to be more attractive while being newsy at the same time.
  • The finishing ranges from velvet with UV spot to un-coated linen, gloss UV coated etc.
  • An expert association is better aware of potential issues that may develop and how to manage them.
Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing
Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing

Double sided postcards are usable for a wide variety of purposes after all. Some examples include advertisement, writing letters, as tokens, or as business cards. Moreover, you will find them in the real estate sector, heath, education etc.

glossy or matte finish

They can be in glossy or matte finish depending on the budget. In the marketing world, you get faster market research with postcards. They provide with more space and scope to place your ideas.

With double sided postcards you exercise the choice of their sizes. You can keep it both pretty cheap as well as useful by a strategic planning of their execution. Cheapest Printing on both the sides may increase its cost but it can certainly be effective while marketing with them.

Advantages of Double Sided Postcards

This is the perfect opportunity to be creative. Advertisement can get a bit boring with repetitiveness. After all the information remains more or less the exact. But with double sided postcards you ensure their chances of getting noticed. Use the front side for drawing or illustration giving a zest of the postcard. The flip side could be kept for information and other details.

Moreover, go for attractive fonts, that is to say, attention seeking fonts. Keep the message detailed and compressed. Make your headline interesting. The front page plays the major role for grabbing attention. Go for online templates or ideas or hire a creative person. Use bright colors and even before that, know your readers.

For personal purposes, the postcards are often kept as tokens of memorable days/occasions. Furnish them with good quality photos to do them justice. There are custom recycled printed papers, card-stocks which minimize your expenditure. Take ideas from online templates and layouts.

Keep your mailing list assorted for better results. Target your potential customers and send them discounts on their special months, dates via your mailed postcards.

The Material

Planning for cheap double sided postcard printing? Re-consider the quality of your material. While matte finish can prove expensive, simple gloss finish in card-stock can be less costly. In fact, gloss finish is naturally very friendly for images or photographs. Matte postcards are generally for personal use like for writing purposes. Matte with spot UV option is again very pricey. Fonts look great on these matte finished postcards though.

The Size

For affordable double sided postcard printing, the size matters. Opt for standard sized postcards and try keeping it short yet adequately detailed. After all, bigger postcards can prove expensive while printing them in bulk. Make the color combination coordinate.

Printing Prices

Check online for a reduced price for your cost effective double sided postcard printing. Do not just limit yourself to the offline shops. Check for discounts on shipping rates and delivery options. Keep the sizes at standard rate. This will eventually affect the end price of your cheap double sided postcard printing. The packaging should be of good quality so that it does not damage your postcards.

Circulate your postcards now more effectively with pocket friendly double sided postcard printing. Of course, check out the samples if necessary. In this way, strengthen your messages. Postcards can be your best advertising tool ever if planned wisely.