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Cheap Door Knob Hangers | Door Hangers Printing

Some Creative Ideas to Make Cheap Door Knob Hangers

Cheap door knob hangers are oft-forgotten weapon in a small business. Regardless, encounter is a basic resource for any individual or connection. The best part is it is available at a cheap price. Door hangers are promotional tool that guarantees that it will be seen and read. This is mainly because even if the customer want so get rid of it, he/she will take it in their hand. A quick glance is enough to generate the interest of the customers.

Cheap Door Knob Hangers
Cheap Door Knob Hangers

One of the best aspects of door hangers is that it enables you to be creative. As a matter of fact, you will be able to do this even without increasing the distribution cost. All you need is a plastic bag to hold the door hangers. If your door hangers are unique, you will be able to garner better response.


Magnet is a great idea to include in your door hanger. However, keep in mind that it will be expensive to mail it. The fridge magnet should advertise your brand or your business. However, you should try to include something useful element. This will increase the chances of customers putting them on the fridge. Schedules, calendars, holidays, etc. will augment the likelihood of someone putting the magnet cheap door knob hangers on the fridge.


Another way to create unique and creative affordable door knob hangers is by including a coupon in it. This is especially important for a local business. You need to ask around the local retailers and find out if anyone would like offering a coupon for the farm area. as a matter of fact, you can also ask them to pay the distribution cost.


There is hardly anybody who can resist peppermints. Attaching a candy to the low cost door knob hangers can make a world of difference. In fact, it can prevent the door hangers from ending up in the dustbin. Moreover, when you include a candy in the door hanger, it will help the customers to remember you better.

Business Cards

Business cards are provided to give the contact details of your business to the clients. Thus, there are people who prefer business card more than door hangers. This is the reason you should print cheap door knob hangers with a detachable business card.

How are Door Hangers Different from Direct Mail?

Even though direct mail is a great way to promote your business, cost effective door knob hangers have several advantages.

  • People can ignore postcards present under a stack of bill. However, a piece of paper that is hanging from the door knob isn’t. Even if people want to take it out, they will have to take a look at it.
  • Mostly people are used to receiving marketing tools in their mail. Thus, they instantaneously throw them even before reading. Nonetheless, door hangers are rare and people might read them quickly before they discard them.
  • With direct mail, there is a limitation on the size and shape. Also, there is a limitation that you can send. Even if you cheap print them in odd shapes, it might increase the distribution cost. When it comes to inexpensive door knob hangers, there are no restrictions.
  • Even though the cheap printing cost will be almost the same, door hangers are much cheaper to distribute than the direct mail. Thus, it will help in saving a significant amount of money.

The Bottom Line

When you cheap print the door hangers, you need to keep an efficacious and simple design. Use bold images and colors along with simple but direct message. You should try to include too much information in the door hanger. This is because it might make it look messy. However, do not forget to include the contact information in the cheap printed door hanger. You should always track the response that the affordable door knob hangers generate. Also, make sure that the door hangers have been distributed effectively. You can hire a distribution company for this.