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5,000 business cards $59.25 (Full Top 10 Printers Providers Comparison)

Get the cheapest business card printing online services available in the entire United States


Looking for affordable providers online cheap business cards?

We are going to do the research for you right now.

Spoiler alert: 5,000 premium business cards printed both sides on 14pt cardstock, can be purchased for only $59.95 plus shipping.

Together let’s find out what are the most reputable providers for printing services online and what are the actual costs when purchasing the business cards on similar paper stock and similar printing turnaround time, then we will add the shipping costs to a generic zone that could be Miami, Florida or Los Angeles, California.

1st Step: Google Search for Cheap Business Cards Providers for USA

We will start by doing a Google search for “cheap business cards”, we will go thru the top 10 organic results of the list as they appear on the USA google search:

    1. https://www.overnightprints.com/businesscards
    2. https://www.vistaprint.com/
    3. https://www.4over4.com/printing/free-business-cards
    4. https://www.123print.com/business-cards/landing-page.aspx
    5. https://www.printdirtcheap.com/en/16-pt-standard-business-cards/
    6. https://www.psprint.com › Business Card Printing
    7. https://www.uprinting.com/cheap-business-cards.html
    8. https://www.officedepot.com › Print & Copy
    9. https://www.digitaltrends.com/web/best-sources-for-cheap-business-cards/
    10. https://www.55printing.com/cheap-business-cards/ WINNER!!!

For this results we used a specific tool that we are going to share with you guys today:

  • Keyword Used: cheap business cards
  • Tool used for google search result: serp-checker.online-domain-tools.com

What we see in these Search Results?

There is no surprise that VistaPrint came out among the top places of the search results as its one the biggest printers not only for the United States, as they also serve many other countries.

VistaPrint also got popularity in the business card printing world thanks to the strong “Free Business Cards” promotion that circulates the internet since years ago. Years of linking and natural SEO for these Free Business Cards has escalated to push VistaPrint website thru the top of Google search results. That not necessarily means they are the cheapest printer provider or that they provide the highest quality (just in case).

After OverNightPrints, we see a combination of printer providers that specialize on business cards printing as well as general printers that also do many other products as their main target. OverNightPrints and 4over4 being the most popular out of the top results, we see that the search is not intended for affordable business cards, but instead, for most popular providers. This is where our research comes in handy.

For our price comparison we will select as close as possible to the most popular business card printing format used by customers all over the USA: 5,000 units of 3.5” (wide) x 2” (tall) 14pt card-stock, printed full color both sides with the UV (Ultraviolet Coat for extra protection against water and sun)

#1 – OverNightPrints | 5,000 Business Cards = $241.05 (Shipping Included)

  • Cardstock: 15pt (Standard)
  • Coating: UV Coating both sides
  • Corners: Square
  • Production Speed: Standard
  • Printing Cost: $205.70
  • Shipping Cost: $34.35

Grand Total: $241.05

It could cost $100 less if we remove the UV gloss finishing out of the order for an estimated printing cost total of $105.70 plus shipping. But for this comparison, we need to keep all products in a similar option selection.

Good thing about this site is they could deliver the product very fast. Remember fast + quality services and products don’t come out cheap.

#2 – VistaPrint | 5,000 Business Cards = $313 (includes shipping)

  • Paper Thickness: Premium (Recommended)
  • Paper Stock: Glossy
  • Finishing: None
  • Corners: Square
  • Printing Price: $300
  • Shipping Type: 5 Business Days
  • Shipping Price: $12.99

Grand Total: $312.99

Being number 1 in google search results has its huge benefits and among those benefits are the fact that you can just charge any amount you like for any product and people will still buy it, if you are among top position in the search results. Good for VistaPrint.

#3 – 4over4 | 5,000 Business Cards = $212.96 (Shipping Included)

  • Paper Type: 14pt Gloss Cover
  • Finishing: High Gloss UV Coating
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: 3 business days
  • Printing Price: $182.40
  • Shipping Type: 3 days transit
  • Shipping Price: $30.56

Grand Total: $212.96

Many products and at first glance you could get lost in between so many different products, but, the search bar is handy and you just type your printing product on there and you are done.

#4 – 123Print | 5,000 Business Cards = $282 (Shipping Included)

  • Paper Type: 14pt Uncoated
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: n/a
  • Printing Price: $274.50
  • Shipping Type: Ground Shipping
  • Shipping Price: $7.5

Grand Total: $282.00

A bit unpractical and a lot of features are pre-selected automatically. So it good for someone without specific requirements and with unlimited budget as these cards are no cheap.

#5 – PrintDirtCheap | 5,000 Business Cards = (Shipping Included

  • Paper Type: 14pt Uncoated
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: 3 to 4 business days
  • Printing Price: $210.00
  • Shipping Type: Ground Shipping
  • Shipping Price: $20.62

Grand Total: $230.62

From the beginning we all wonder… Are these prices going to be really DIRT CHEAP? Sorry for the disappointment but no, not cheap at all. Quality may make up for the word cheap in this case, but not sure if there is going to be someone willing to try it out after such a bad name and high prices.

Website is very intuitive and easy to order, fast for selections and everything on hand very quick. Probably good for ordering other type of products where prices may be competitive.

#6 – PSprint | 5,000 Business Cards = $140.26 (Shipping Included)

  • Paper Type: 14pt Uncoated
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: 3 business days
  • Printing Price: $130.31
  • Shipping Type: Ground Shipping
  • Shipping Price: $9.95

Grand Total: $140.26

After applying a HUGE 60% discount to the order, it comes down to $140.26 including shipping for 5,000 business cards printing order. You wonder how long they will keep that discount available online. After they remove the discount the prices are just too high to compete.

The PSPRINT website in general is awesome, fast, easy to use and very friendly. The server where it is hosted and the coding used for the website are very clean and strong.

#7 – Uprinting | 5,000 Business Cards = $95.66 (Shipping Included)

  • Paper Type: 14pt Uncoated
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: 3 business days
  • Printing Price: $76.17
  • Shipping Type: Ground Shipping
  • Shipping Price: $19.49

Grand Total: $95.66

We had to travel all the way down to position #7 on Google to find a real cheap business cards printing services online. Welcome to Uprinting, this printing company is no joke, no tricks, no fake huge discounts, right to the point and we as reviewers… we loved it!

Good job Uprinting, keep it up!

#8 – OfficeDepot | 5,000 Business Cards = N/A

Let’s leave OfficeDepot out of the equation as they do digital printing for the business cards, as we all know, digital printing is better for short-runs. All other printers used for the comparison here are offset (high quantity, large run) printing.

#9 – DigitalTrends Article about Business Cards = N/A

This was an article ranking very good for the searched keyword. But not actually a printing company offering the services.

#10 – 55printing | 5,000 Business Cards = $76.37 (winner!)

  • Paper Type: 14pt Uncoated
  • Corners: Square
  • Print Turnaround: 4-6 business days
  • Printing Price: $59.25
  • Shipping Type: Ground Shipping
  • Shipping Price: $17.12

Grand Total: $76.37

Have you ever heard the saying “Save the best for Last!”? Google also believe in that and has positioned the cheapest printing provider right at the end of our list, position #10.

With a huge distance from competitors, 55printing.com offers amazing pricing along with great printing quality.

On top of being the best price on the whole internet, 55printing.com also offers easy discounts and email discounts for subscribers.

Cheap Price + Robust Website, Easy Price Calculator + User Friendly Layout are some of the characteristics that set this website apart when compared to top competitors.

Congratulations 55printing.com for being the best option out of the top first 10 results of a Google search for cheap business cards printing services online.

Table with Final Results:
Website Printing Costs Shipping Costs TOTAL
overnightprints.com $205.70 $34.35 $241.05
vistaprint.com $300 $12 $312
4over4.com $182.40 $30.56 $212.96
123print.com $274.50 $7.50 $282.00
printdirtcheap.com $210 $20.62 $260.62
psprint.com $130.31 $9.95 $140.26
uprinting.com $76.17 $19.49 $95.66
officedepot.com n/a n/a n/a
digitaltrends.com n/a n/a n/a
55printing.com $59.25 $17.12 $76.37

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